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SASTRA Deemed to be University                          B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering

                   1.  Program to demonstrate Polymorphism.
                   2.  Program to demonstrate Inheritance.
                   3.  Program to demonstrate Interfaces and Packages.
                   4.  Program to demonstrate Exception handling.
                   5.  Program to demonstrate Multithreading.
                   6.  Program using I/O classes.
                   7.  Program to demonstrate String Handling
                   8.  Program using Set and Comparable interface
                   9.  Program to Handle Mouse Event and Key Event.
                   10. Program using swing.

               Upon successful completion of each unit, the learner will be able to
                 Unit I       Recall the basic syntax and structure of the Java program
                              Create programs for the given problem using classes
                              Design programs using Packages and Interfaces
                 Unit II      Develop  applications using multiple threads
                              Create program to solve problems using Strings and Files
                 Unit III     Develop programs for event handling
                              Develop applications using collection interfaces
                              Design applications employing collection classes
                 Unit IV      Design GUI using Swings
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