A fine balance of scholarly knowledge and research innovations contribute to nation’s economy and growth. Since its inception, SASTRA has been nurturing research in basic and applied domains at all levels. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, competent faculty and support in the form of seed grants & research personnel, advanced training and opportunities to network with research teams in India and abroad have resulted in visible research outcomes. This is reflected in 9,540 publications and 72,943 citations with an h–index of 84. Also, 52 patents have been filed and 7 have been granted. SASTRA has successfully completed 249 (Rs 8,325 lakh) and is carrying out 147 research projects (Rs 9,284 lakh) funded by government and non-government agencies. The quality of research at SASTRA has attracted international partners and bilateral funding, thereby improving the global footprint of SASTRA.