Winter Internship in Singapore

Corporate Gurukul, Singapore has proposed to organise a Seminar @ SASTRA for which the dates will be intimated soon.


Details of the Seminar:    Introduction to the Winter session of Global Academic

                                                Internship Programme (GAIP) to be conducted in National

                                                University of Singapore between 14th December 2019 and 4th

                                                January 2020.

Who can apply            :    Engineering students of CSE, Mechanical, Mechatronics, ECE,

                                              EEE, EIE, ICT and IT branches who wish to pursue MS/ PhD

                                              or work for corporate R&D in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence,  

                                              Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT and Security.


Selection Process        :   After the application is submitted.


Availability of Scholarship:    Available based on application approval.


Completion of internship would offer:

  1. Certification by Strategic Technology Management Institute @ National University of Singapore (STMI@NUS)
  2. Certification by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Education
  3. Personalized “Letter of Evaluation” on your performance by faculty from NUS, Singapore.
  4. Scholarships and High Achiever Awards

Interested students can enrol their names through the Google forms for which link is available in the University website to take part in the seminar. Last date of registration: 10.08.2019.

Also the students are instructed to register themselves in the following link with Corporate Gurukul for more information.