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Attention Hostel Students of Graduating Batch 2020 and Current Final Year Batch !


The lockdown has been extended upto September 30, 2020 with certain relaxations in place. Hostel inmates belonging to the graduating batch - 2020 or Class of 2021 (optional) will be permitted to vacate their hostel room, by visiting the campus between 7th September and 30th September 2020. Only limited number of students per day shall be allowed and permission shall be on a first come first served basis online. Students desirous of vacating their hostel room shall submit their request online. It is desirable that each inmate schedules his/her visit to campus along with the room mates (if they belong to graduating batch 2020 or class of 2021) on the same day, for vacating the room without much hassle. On the permitted day of campus visit, students, with only one parent/guardian accompanying them, shall enter & leave the campus as soon as they collect their belongings from the hostel room. Students need to make their own transportation arrangements and follow all safety guidelines like face mask, social distancing and bring their own hand sanitisers though we shall sanitise during entry.


Students of graduating batch, in possession of library books, shall hand over the books in the library and get the endorsement from the Librarian on the printed copy of the online Hostel Vacation Form, before vacating the hostel room. No stay in the hostel is permitted and the hostel mess and campus canteen is also closed. No other services shall be available during your visit and you are advised not to stay in the campus for any other reason.


Students in other years who need to urgently vacate may send their individual requests to the Registrar office which shall process the same on a case to case basis. The e-mail is to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. clearly mentioning “HOSTEL VACATING REQUEST” as the subject matter.




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