Reporting Instructions for Students Vacating Hostel Room

Students registered for campus visit for vacating hostel room are advised to strictly adhere to the following instructions:

  • 1. A printed copy of the online registration approval shall be produced along with University ID card/ Photo ID card-original at the Main Gate, before entering the campus.
  • 2. The accompanying parent / guardian will not be permitted inside the hostel.
  • 3. In case a student, due to genuine difficulty, prefers to authorize a parent or guardian to vacate the hostel room, authorization letter  of the student and original photo ID card of the authorized person shall be submitted to the Security person at the Main Gate by the authorised person before entering the hostel.
  • 4. University ID card  and valid photo ID card (in case of authorised person)  shall be deposited with the Security person at the Main Gate before entering the Campus. The same will be returned before the person leaves the campus.
  • 5. Students with library book dues shall return the books in the library, obtain the acknowledgement receipt from the library and submit it to the Assistant to Warden before vacating the room.
  • 6. No request for change of date of visit to campus will be entertained. 
  • 7. Mere online registration for vacating the hostel room shall not be considered as right to enter the campus, as entry inside the campus is subject to the rules and regulations prescribed by competent authority, prevalent at the time of scheduled visit.
  • 8. The online registration approval form shall be submitted to the respective Assistant to Warden after vacating the hostel.