FAQs for Hybrid End-Sem Exams


December 23, 2020


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

(based on queries)


  1. Why is my correct pin code required for registration?

The allotment of TCS-iON Centre will be linked to your pin code only.Hence, kindly enter the correct pin code of your place of stay during exam so that a Centre, within commutable travel distance can be allotted.


  1. Can I edit my option now?

Students can edit their registration details, including the option to switch between ‘unwilling’ to ‘willing’ from 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on December 24, 2020.No change would be possible after this.


  1. Is SASTRA a TCS-Ion Centre?

SASTRA Main campus, Thanjavur 613401 and SASTRA, SRC, Kumbakonam, 612001 are TCS-Ion Centres. Students staying within commutable travel distances from SASTRA Thanjavur and Kumbakonam Campuses can choose one of these two centres.Students can edit their submitted choices, if they would like to take their exams at SASTRA.


  1. Why is my photograph required for registration?

The photograph uploaded during registration will be used in hall ticket for identification and admit purposes.Hence, if the photo already uploaded is not appropriate, upload a new photograph within the duration provided on 24th December 2020.


  1. Will calculators and other reference materials be allowed for the examinations?

Non-programmable calculators and graph sheets will be allowed for use during exams. Steam Tables, Code Books, Design Data Books, Charts and other reference materials that are required for the examination will be provided along with the question papers at the Test Centres.


  1. What is the duration of examination for Law programmes?

For students of Law programmes who need to appear for their even (previous) semester of academic year 2019-20, exam duration will be 90 minutes for 50 marks. However, for the odd (current) semester of 2020-21, the exam duration will be 3 hours and for 100 marks.


  1. Will there be test centres for students who are currently abroad?

Overseas students need not travel now to India to write the examination. A similar hybrid mode examination opportunity is being worked out. However, such students are required to register their unwillingness to appear for hybrid mode exams at TCS-iON centres by stating the reason as ‘Out of Country”.


  1. How can I contact the faculty to clarify my doubts?

Refresher classes will be conducted as per the online classes time-table during from 4th to 13th January 2021 for revision or clarification. Students can make specific requests to the faculty for the topics to be revised through respective Google Class Rooms.


  1. When will the project-based evaluation and term paper-based evaluation be held?

Project based evaluation and Term paper-based evaluation for some of the already identified courses will be conducted during 15th–20th, February 2021. Respective faculty members will provide specific details through GCRs. The time of submission and evaluation will be during the above period only.


  1. When will I come to know of my exam centre? Will I get an arrear if I download hall ticket and not appear for the examination?

The exam centre allotment shall be shared before you pay the exam fee and hopefully by January 3, 2021. Even after downloading hall ticket and paying the exam fees, for any genuine reasons if a student is unable to attend one or more examinations, the absence will not be counted as arrear.  The absence will have no effect on the final academic distinction / class.  However, the student will have to appear in the regular mode whenever it is offered next on campus. 


  1. Would there be bus facility during the examination?

SASTRA buses will be available from Thanjavur and Tiruchirapalli on examination days.Separate registration to use the bus facility will be done during the first week of January, 2021


  1. Any other general advice?

Students are advised to exercise maximum self-discipline and adhere to COVID safety procedure of wearing mask, having sanitizer and maintaining social distance whenever they are out of their place of stay. If you decide not to attend the hybrid exams also, we shall conduct refresher classes once we resume normal academic activities before we conduct the end-semester exam in the regular mode.