It has been SASTRA’s constant endeavour to globally engage with renowned institutes of research and learning and to establish standards of excellence in academia and research. Towards this, our vision has been to develop and sustain international partners from the academic and industrial research community to cater to the high quality students in our campus.

Towards realising a truly international ambience in education and research, we have set up an Office of International Relations that co –ordinates several activities related to bilateral exchange of students and faculty across the international arena and to serve as a professional hub for information for students interested in pursuing such programmes.

The Office of International Relations at SASTRA (ORIS) co-ordinates collaborative initiatives of the University and strives to enable the following:

  • Develop bilateral programmes facilitating exchange of academic faculty in areas of research alignment
  • Co-ordinate research visits of graduate students to collaborating labs during their research tenure at SASTRA
  • Implement the Semester Abroad programme of the University to promote undergraduate mobility in frontier areas of research and technical education
  • Facilitate Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) between SASTRA and internationally renowned institutes of excellence
  • Orient Faculty Sabbaticals and Faculty Abroad Programs
  • Organisation of programmes from USEFI and other Consulates from Europe to create awareness on higher education pursuits and fellowships

We welcome you all to the vibrant academic community at SASTRA .We are sure that your visit and stay will be mutually enriching. The Office of International Relations is committed to provide you services for making your stay memorable and enjoyable.

About SAP & FAP

The Semester Abroad Programme was started in the year 2009 at SASTRA University as the University’s attempt to establish a regular exchange of students with specific foreign universities. Since then, it has grown into the University’s flagship international collaboration programme. During the past 5 years, 250 students of the University have spent a semester in their chosen discipline at 52 Universities in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Applications for the Semester Abroad Programme ( SAP) are invited in the month of August every year, followed by interviews and the decision communicated to the students in the month of September every year in order to facilitate their paper work for travelling abroad. The application form for the programme can be found here (link to SAP application form)

The University provides faculty sabbaticals through its Faculty Abroad programme through which faculty can spend a semester in a laboratory abroad for collaborative research. The applications for the same will be called once a year.


About International Student Exchange Programme

If you are a student of foreign origin and wish to pursue a research project or an internship at SASTRA University, please follow this page.

We thank you for your interest in SASTRA and welcome you to apply under the Student Exchange Programme.)

We receive applications twice a year for short term visits which can range from 8 weeks to 24 weeks. Please follow the procedures for application as detailed below:

  • Identify a member of the faculty from the SASTRA webpage whose work aligns to your interests
  • Write to them and obtain their willingness to accommodate you during the period you wish to spend here. The selection methodology varies with the faculty member and would be done through a telephonic/skype interview
  • Complete the online application form ( link) for Semester Abroad Programme and arrange for two referees to send in letters of reference for you.

Applicants are advised to ensure that they have adequate financial resources to pay for the tuition and other related fee.

The decision on your application will be sent to you be email within 30 days of the receipt of application.

Our International visitors

Benjamin Koops
Marcel Rierra Chavaria