Internationalisation @ SASTRA

A dedicated SASTRA International Office handles the following internationalisation efforts covering the following areas.

Student Exchange

  • Student exchange is encouraged at the Ph.D. and PG level degree programmes with a view to increase joint publication
  • This also promotes scholar visits to carry out experimental work using facilities that are mutually exclusive than attending course-work
  • Most of the exchange programmes are aligned with various bilateral funding agencies like Indo-US, Indo-Europe, Indo-Swiss, UKIERI, etc.

Faculty Exchange

  • SASTRA promotes faculty exchange through an internally funded Faculty Abroad Programme
  • Selected faculty spend 4 to 6 weeks in host universities to understand the teaching learning mechanisms, research culture and also explore possibilities for joint project proposal submissions
  • Faculty are supported with travel and sustenance allowance by the university
  • Faculty also secure funding through various schemes like Commonwealth Exchange, Nehru-Fulbright, etc. and are incentivised if they secure such grants
  • Frequent meetings and workshops on scheme announcements & project proposal are conducted

Ph. D Abroad program

  • Ph.D. abroad is encouraged amongst Ph.D. scholars intending to use advanced facilities in partner universities
  • Such scholars participate through schemes like SPARC, DST’s conference grant, etc. to either use experimentation facilities or share research output amongst the international research community
  • Visiting scholars are encouraged to explore collaborative pathways for UG/PG level exchange programmes

Dual Degree Program

  • Split-Ph.D. is encouraged amongst scholars who would like to spend most of the research time in facilities abroad or for course-work abroad
  • Terminal Degree is offered by only one university

Semester Abroad Program

  • The Semester Abraod Programme in SASTRA’s flagship ineternational immersive programme encouraging research internship
  • Every year, around 100 engineering UG students visit premier universities like Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Penn State, Gerogia-Tech and premier universities in Europe, Asia-PAC to complete 6 month research internship which is trated as their end-semester project work
  • Every student is provided a financial support that pays for air-fare and monthly stipend of USD 200
  • Selection process is very competitive and selection is done by SASTRA and the host-university
  • May students secure either a Ph.D. or Master’s admission because of this programme and have joined MIT, Harvard, Oxford, ETH, etc. with 100% scholarship

International placement

  • SASTRA Alumni network helps graduates outside India and those studying in foreign universities through a structured referral mechanism
  • The Alumni Cell facilitates this

Joint Research Program

  • Joint research by faculty is encouraged through various funding vehicles by agencies like DST, DBT, Commonwealth Grant, etc
  • Faculty are involved in interdisciplinary research with engineering, medical and science labs of premier universities
  • Faculty securing such prestigious grants are given 10% of the grant amount as incentives

International Internship Program

  • International internship & summer/winter programme is structured during the end of semester
  • Students visit as visiting scholars on J-1 Visa and complete course work on emerging areas and SASTAR transfers equivalent credits with adequate home-course waiver
  • Students participate in internship boot camps and prestigious foreign internship funded under schemes like the Khorana Fellowship of DST, etc.
  • Every year, international internship recruiters visit SASTRA to select bright students for summer/winter internship and convert them into a job or higher studies offer.


It has been SASTRA’s constant endeavour to globally engage with renowned institutes of research and learning and to establish standards of excellence in academia and research. Towards this, our vision has been to develop and sustain international partners from the academic and industrial research community to cater to the high quality students in our campus.

Towards realising a truly international ambience in education and research, we have set up an Office of International Relations that co –ordinates several activities related to bilateral exchange of students and faculty across the international arena and to serve as a professional hub for information for students interested in pursuing such programmes.

The Office of International Relations at SASTRA (ORIS) co-ordinates collaborative initiatives of the University and strives to enable the following:

  • Develop bilateral programmes facilitating exchange of academic faculty in areas of research alignment
  • Co-ordinate research visits of graduate students to collaborating labs during their research tenure at SASTRA
  • Implement the Semester Abroad programme of the University to promote undergraduate mobility in frontier areas of research and technical education
  • Facilitate Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) between SASTRA and internationally renowned institutes of excellence
  • Orient Faculty Sabbaticals and Faculty Abroad Programs
  • Organisation of programmes from USEFI and other Consulates from Europe to create awareness on higher education pursuits and fellowships

We welcome you all to the vibrant academic community at SASTRA .We are sure that your visit and stay will be mutually enriching. The Office of International Relations is committed to provide you services for making your stay memorable and enjoyable.


About International Student Exchange Programme

If you are a student of foreign origin and wish to pursue a research project or an internship at SASTRA University, please follow this page.

We thank you for your interest in SASTRA and welcome you to apply under the Student Exchange Programme.)

We receive applications twice a year for short term visits which can range from 8 weeks to 24 weeks. Please follow the procedures for application as detailed below:

  • Identify a member of the faculty from the SASTRA webpage whose work aligns to your interests
  • Write to them and obtain their willingness to accommodate you during the period you wish to spend here. The selection methodology varies with the faculty member and would be done through a telephonic/skype interview
  • Complete the online application form ( link) for Semester Abroad Programme and arrange for two referees to send in letters of reference for you.

Applicants are advised to ensure that they have adequate financial resources to pay for the tuition and other related fee.

The decision on your application will be sent to you be email within 30 days of the receipt of application.