Completed Projects

S.No. Name of the Faculty Title of the project Funding Agency
1. Principal Developer: Dr. G. Venkatraman
Co-Developers: Dr. E. Koperundevi& Shri R. Ravi
English for Communication Pedagogy Project under NMPE-ICT, Coordinated by IIT, Kharagpur.



Completed Projects

S.No. Name of the Faculty Title of the project Funding Agency Project Duration Period
1. Dr.G.Hariharan Wavelet solutions to steady and unsteady state reaction-diffusion problems with action of biosensor response at enzyme kinetics DST-SERB 3 years 2014-2017
2. Dr.G.Hariharan Wavelet solutions for Partial Differential Equations and Applications DRDO-NRB 3 years 2014-2017
3. Dr.R.Srikanth (CO-PI) A Novel Methodology for the identification of Newer Elliptic Curves that are best suited to Cryptosystems DRDO-CARS 2 Years 2013-2015
4. Dr.R.Srikanth (PI) TATA Realty - SASTRA Srinivasa Ramanujan Research chair for Mathematics TATA Realty and Infrastructure Ltd. 3 Years From October
2017 to October
5. Dr.K.Kannan (PI) Hypergraph for Intrusion Detection Systems DST – MATRICS 3 Years 2018 – 21
6. Dr.K.Kannan (PI) A Bigdata Analytic Framework for Intrusion Detection in SCADA Systems DST – ICTS – 40 lakhs
2 Years 2018 – 20
7. Dr.K.Kannan (PI) A Bigdata Analytic framework for Epilepsy prediction using Brain Computer Interface IBM – Shared University Research – (CO-PI) 2 Years 2018 – 20
8. Dr.G.Hariharan Development of wavelet-based computational algorithms for a few nonlinear and fractional dynamical systems governing ship dynamics DRDO-NRB 3 Years 2019-22
9. Dr.Y.B.Venkatakrishnan Vertex-edge domination and edge-vertex domination and its variance in graphs SERB 3 Years 2019-22

Ongoing Projects

S.No. Name of the Faculty Title of the Project Funding Agency Project Duration Period
1. R.Srikanth (PI) Sanskrit Ganitam – Brahmasputasiddhanta Ashtaadashi – III,Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi 1 Years 2023-2024
2. Dr. R. Manivannan (PI)
Dr. V. Swaminathan (Co-PI)
Experimental Design and Development of Novel Mathematical Model Governed State-of-Charge and Health Estimation for Lithium-Ion EV Batteries Using Hybrid AI/ML/DL Techniques SERB-CRG 3 Years 2023-2026
3. Dr.S.Raja Balachandar Computational Study of Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations NBHM 3 Years 2022-24



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