Faculty Key List School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Name Designation Email-id

Associate Dean

Name Designation Email-id
Expand VIJAYAREKHA .K Associate Dean vijayarekhaeee.sastra.edu
Expand THENMOZHI .K Associate Dean thenmozhikece.sastra.edu
Expand JAYALALITHA .S Associate Dean sj_instrueie.sastra.edu
Expand JOHN BOSCO BALAGURU .R Associate Dean rjboscoece.sastra.edu
Expand HAR NARAYAN UPADHYAY Associate Dean hnuece.sastra.edu


Name Designation Email-id
Expand RAMKUMAR .K Professor ramkumareie.sastra.edu
Expand SANKARAN .R Professor rseee.sastra.edu
Expand NEELAMEGAM .P Professor neelkeereie.sastra.edu
Expand SRIDHARAN .M Professor m.sridharanece.sastra.edu
Expand MUTHUBALAN. V Professor muthubalanece.sastra.edu
Expand KRISHNAMOORTHY A Professor akeee.sastra.edu
Expand REVATHI A Professor revathiece.sastra.edu
Expand SRIDHAR K Professor sridharece.sastra.edu

Associate Professor

Name Designation Email-id
Expand AMIRTHARAJAN .R Associate Professor amirece.sastra.edu
Expand SUBASHINI .N Associate Professor nmnsieee.sastra.edu
Expand THAYUMANAVAN. A Associate Professor thayumanavaneee.sastra.edu
Expand ADALARASU K Associate Professor adalarasueie.sastra.edu


Name Designation Email-id
Expand VENKATESH .S SAP esveeeie.sastra.edu
Expand SUSAN .D SAP d_susanece.sastra.edu
Expand MANIGANDAN .N.S SAP manigandannseie.sastra.edu
Expand UMA .D SAP umavijayeee.sastra.edu
Expand BALASUBRAMANIAN .G SAP Balu_eieeie.sastra.edu
Expand BALASUBRAMANIAN .R SAP rbalueee.sastra.edu
Expand JAYACHANDRAN .J SAP jj_chandrueee.sastra.edu
Expand CHANDIRAMOULI .R SAP rcmoulieee.sastra.edu
Expand RUBALYA VALANTINA .S SAP rvalantinaeee.sastra.edu
Expand AUGUSTI LINDIYA .S SAP lindiyaeee.sastra.edu
Expand SIVA .J SAP sivaece.sastra.edu
Expand NARASIMHAN .K SAP knrece.sastra.edu
Expand RAAJAN .N.R SAP nrraajanece.sastra.edu
Expand AVILA .J SAP avilaece.sastra.edu
Expand PADMA PRIYA .V SAP padmapriyaece.sastra.edu
Expand MALATHI .S SAP jj_malseee.sastra.edu
Expand RAJKUMAR .G SAP grkumarece.sastra.edu
Expand JEYAPRAKASH .B.G SAP jpece.sastra.edu
Expand PANDIYAN .S.K SAP krishpandiyanece.sastra.edu
Expand RAKESH KUMAR KARN SAP rkkarnece.sastra.edu
Expand CHANDRASEKAR. V K SAP chandrasekareee.sastra.edu
Expand JAMES A BASKARADAS SAP jamesbaskaradasece.sastra.edu
Expand RAMESH. R SAP rameshece.sastra.edu
Expand UMA S SAP umasrinivasaneie.sastra.edu
Expand MANJU. A SAP manjueie.sastra.edu


Name Designation Email-id
Expand CHANDRASEKAR .M AP - III mcsekarece.sastra.edu
Expand LALITHAMBIKA .K.C AP - III lalikcleee.sastra.edu
Expand SRIRANJANI .R AP - III mathusrieee.sastra.edu
Expand NATARAJAN .S AP - III natarajanseee.sastra.edu
Expand BALAJI .V.S AP - III biobala_mtecheie.sastra.edu
Expand BALASUBRAMANIAN .M AP - III mbsmanian16eee.sastra.edu
Expand PARKAVI KATHIRVELU .K AP - III to_parkavieee.sastra.edu
Expand MOHAN RAJ .N AP - III snehammohaneee.sastra.edu
Expand MUTHU KUMAR .K AP - III kmuthukumareee.sastra.edu
Expand VALARMATHI .R AP - III valarmathieie.sastra.edu
Expand LAKSHMI .C AP - III lakshmi_cece.sastra.edu
Expand SUNDARARAMAN .R AP - III ramanece.sastra.edu
Expand JAISEELI .C AP - III cjaiseeliece.sastra.edu
Expand SAINABHA .M AP - III sainabhaeie.sastra.edu
Expand RAJAMOHAN .J AP - III rajamohaneee.sastra.edu
Expand DEVASENA .L AP - III devasenaeie.sastra.edu
Expand NIRMALA JEGADEESAN AP - III nirmala.jeie.sastra.edu
Expand MOHAMED GHOUSE .S AP - III ghouseeeeee.sastra.edu
Expand PARVATHY .A AP - III parvathyece.sastra.edu
Expand NITHYA .C AP - III cnithyaece.sastra.edu
Expand BALAMURUGAN .D AP - III balamuruganeee.sastra.edu
Expand RAJU .N AP - III rajuece.sastra.edu
Expand NANDHINI GAYATHRI .M AP - III nandhini.gayathrieee.sastra.edu
Expand RAKESH KUMAR .S AP - III srakesheie.sastra.edu
Expand ELAMARAN .V AP - III elamaranece.sastra.edu
Expand GOMATHI .V AP - III gomathieie.sastra.edu
Expand PRASATH .R.K AP - III rkprasathece.sastra.edu
Expand JAYABHARATHY. R AP - III jbharathyrajuece.sastra.edu
Expand VIJAYA BHASKAR. B AP - III vijayabhaskareie.sastra.edu
Expand MANIKANDAN. C AP - III manikandanece.sastra.edu
Expand SUMATHI. R AP - III sumathiece.sastra.edu
Expand AROCKIA JAYALATHA. K AP - III arockiajayalathaeee.sastra.edu
Expand RAJESH. R AP - III rajesheee.sastra.edu
Expand VENKAT BABU G AP - III venkatbabuece.sastra.edu
Expand NARAYANAN K AP - III narayananeee.sastra.edu
Expand BETTY MARTIN AP - III bettymartinece.sastra.edu
Expand SUNDARABALAN C.K AP - III cksbalaneee.sastra.edu
Expand KARTHIKAIKANNAN D AP - III karthikaikannaneee.sastra.edu
Expand AYYAPPAN S AP - III ayyappanphy.sastra.edu
Expand SANTHOSH T K AP - III santhosheee.sastra.edu
Expand VELAMURI SURESH AP - III velamurisuresheee.sastra.edu
Expand PRABAHARAN N AP - III prabaharaneee.sastra.edu
Expand VIGNEYSH T AP - III vigneysheee.sastra.edu
Expand ARUN PRAKASH J AP - III arunprakashece.sastra.edu

AP - Research

Name Designation Email-id
Expand JEYADHEEPAN. K AP - Research jeyadheepaneee.sastra.edu
Expand VASANTHA JAYAKANTHA RAJA. R AP - Research vasanthajayakantharajaeee.sastra.edu
Expand SABAREESAN. P AP - Research sabareesaneee.sastra.edu
Expand PRAKASH. I AP - Research prakasheee.sastra.edu
Expand MEENA DEVI J AP - Research jmeenadevieee.sastra.edu
Expand ARKAPRAVA BHATTACHARYYA AP - Research arkapravabhattacharyyaeee.sastra.edu
Expand JAYANTH BABU K AP - Research jayanthbabueee.sastra.edu


Name Designation Email-id
Expand SWAMINATHAN .G AP - II swamieee.sastra.edu
Expand EASWARAN .M AP - II measwaranece.sastra.edu
Expand ANURADHA .K AP - II kanuradhaece.sastra.edu
Expand GANAPATHY  .R AP - II rganapathyece.sastra.edu
Expand VENKATANATHAN .N AP - II venkatanathaneee.sastra.edu
Expand BAGYALAKSHMI .G AP - II bhagyaeie.sastra.edu
Expand MUTHUMARI AP - II muthumarieie.sastra.edu
Expand SUDHA .V AP - II sudhaeee.sastra.edu
Expand SHANMUGAM. K AP - II shaneee.sastra.edu
Expand GIRISH GANESAN R AP - II girishganesaneee.sastra.edu
Expand JAYANT SHARMA AP - II jayantsharmaeee.sastra.edu
Expand TELEGAM SETTI SUNILKUMAR AP - II sunilkumarece.sastra.edu
Expand HEMAVATHI N AP - II hemavathieie.sastra.edu

AP - I

Name Designation Email-id
Expand RAJESWARI .S AP - I rajeswari.seee.sastra.edu
Expand NAGARAJAN .V AP - I nagarajan.veee.sastra.edu

Research Scientist

Name Designation Email-id
Expand SURESH RAMACHANDRAN Research Scientist suresheee.sastra.edu
Expand Sangeetha K Research Scientist sangeethaeee.sastra.edu
Expand GOPAL R Research Scientist gopaleee.sastra.edu
Expand SRIRAM .S Research Scientist srirameee.sastra.edu

Post Doctoral Fellow

Name Designation Email-id

Inspire Faculty Fellow - DST

Name Designation Email-id
Expand AJAY DATTU JAGADALE Inspire Faculty Fellow - DST ajaydattujagadaleeee.sastra.edu

Lab Demonstrator

Name Designation Email-id
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