DAKSH, the international techno-management festival of SASTRA University, is an annual event comprising of a myriad of events involving all trades of engineering. It promises to not only be educating but also refreshing for each participant as it attempts to cross boundaries of knowledge beyond textbooks and classrooms. Having started in 2007, DAKSH is running into its eighth edition now. DAKSH presents an opportunity to students from across the globe to display their techno-managerial skills while participating in a plethora of exciting events, assorted workshops, excellent power talks and social responsibility campaigns that are conducted over a period of three days in the month of February.

Each year brings about varying themes ranging from "Engineering 360" to the most recent "Mahabharata". SASTRA University always believes in encouraging the students so that they may be empowered to open new challenging frontiers for themselves, and this technical festival is one such attempt, giving the students hands on experience in science, technology and management. With the introduction of online events, DAKSH now brings in international participants as well.

As a huge platform for students to showcase their technical prowess and management talents, this techno-management extravaganza gets bigger and bigger with each passing year. Boasting of unique events and thousands of participants, DAKSH enters its Edition 8.0

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