If Kurukshetra was the greatest battle in Hindu mythology, Kuruksastra is the greatest battle of Southern india to establish proven talent and bring to the fore previously unheralded ones. A sublime melange of style and substance, glamour and colour, Kuruksastra, SASTRA's cultural bonanza consists of arts, music, literary events(English, Tamil and Hindi) and dance. Top Institutes from all over India turn up to give fierce competition to each other in the race to win the ultimate prize- the title of overall championship at Kuruksastra.

The Pro show is the highlight of KS. Eminent artistes who can really set the stage on fire have been a permanent feature of our pro-nights. Stars like Shankar Mahadevan, Benny Dayal, Crazy Mohan and Naresh Iyer,among others, have always left enthusiastic crowds asking for more. In a short span of 4 years, KS has shown phenomenal response and is only going to get bigger this year.With the student group and support staff we have and going by the response that the fest has received, there is no looking back.

It offers unlimited opportunities to talented students who are given the limelight to enthral the buzzing crowds with mind blowing performances.Enough reason for all of you to turn up in numbers and show the world what you are made of!



Whether it be the moves which would make Michael Jackson cry for joy in heaven(or wherever he is) or the chime of anklets as Bharatanatyam dancers full of finesse gliding across the stage, dance at Kuruksastra has always been a study of contrasts. All the feet tapping and jaw dropping moves are put to test in an event where east meets the west,where the best compete and offer wholesome entertainment at packed auditorium


Do you think that your strength lies in being able to impress people with oratory skills, intellectual abilities or being comical verbally? If you can do anyone of the above, English literary events at KS are your thing.

A conglomeration of events, each different and testing various nuances of the English language, like JAM, dumb charades, shipwreck and debate attract huge crowds at KS each year, not to forget the quizzes, offer an opportunity for everyone to enjoy and compete.

The Hindi literary events at KS include fiery debates on subjects that can make it as tense as parliament sessions . Antakshari tests the music knowledge of the participants so thoroughly that audiences are left wondering how many songs Bollywood really has. A quiz about our country in the national language to test the mettle of the participants is a favourite.

Tamil events range from the movie quiz, which tests participants’ knowledge on our very own Kollywood to the popular “Pattimandram” (debate) which brings to the fore breathtaking exchanges of ideas.

KS also has its own version of the popular “Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru”, popularly known as KPY, a stand-up comedy event which promises plenty of laughter and is extremely popular among contestants and audiences alike. A chance to have fun and compete with the best in the business..

So, why wait?
“Vaanga kalakitu ponga”.



If theatre provides a melange of emotions, and literary events provide intellectual entertainment, then arts is the one which adds colour to Kuruksastra. Paste out your creativity in colours in collage, give a whole new dimension to the black and white world in pencil sketching and then shift from paper to the three dimensional world of modelling! With fingers moving across the canvas creating magic in the form of beautiful sketches and a swirl of paints, arts is where you bring images to life.


A language in its own, music is one of the most fiercely challenging clusters. For all the rock-music lovers and the passionate classical music listeners, this is the place to be. Spirits soar as blockbuster hits are belted out by college bands or  instrumentalists entertain people with their rendition of classical melodies.

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