April 4 & 5

The department of Information and Communication Technology proudly presents tech carnival, a confluence of skill, thinking and creativity. The best minds in sastra, battle it out to win, ensuring a high level of competitiveness and quality of participation.

ICT-Information and communication technology

In 2006 , B.Tech program in Information & Communication Technology was started. This B.Tech. programme is a proper blend of communication engineering and Information Technology. Department is engaged in teaching and research in the areas of VLSI, Embedded Systems, E-Commerce, Multimedia technologies and Internet Securities. M.Tech, PG Diploma program, Certificate and short-term courses are run from this department. The department is equipped with excellent lab facilities consisting of latest hardware and software in computing VLSI, Multimedia, Image processing etc. The department has round the clock access to the Internet lab with 370 mbps clean internet connection.

ICT@S-ICT Association at SASTRA.

ICT@S (Information and Communication Technology @ SASTRA) was established in the year 2010. The association is headed by Dr.K.S.Ravichandran and is run by the elected board members. Throughout the year, ICT@S conducts a plethora of events which engages the smartest minds across the university.

ICT@S has and is always been one of the most active department associations in the campus. Workshops, sessions, events and competitions are conducted throughout the year. ICT@S is a forum for some enthusiastic minds who want to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and lead it.

Tech Carnival

Tech Carnival has a plethora of competitions from a variety of streams- technical, Communication, management and fun events thereby attracting students from different fields.

Tech Carnival provides the perfect platform for students to showcase their talents and also nurtures them to reach new heights.

Technical Events

"The Engineer in you"
" I "
Puzzle Coding
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Samvadha-Communication events

The Quiz
Virtual Placements
brain Riddles
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Aloka-photography events

Snap this
Take A Break
Reel Rolling
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Dhanya-fun events

Hit Wicket
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Team ICT@S