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Vascular Biology Lab houses a common, central workplace which is surrounded by five specialized labs.
1. Biochemistry and molecular biology lab
2. Mitochondria and signalling lab
3. Revascularization lab
4. Pre-clinical pharmacology lab
5. Cell culture lab

VBL boasts a varitey of facilites. They are
1. Isolated Mammalian Heart System
2. Multimode Reader
3. Oxygraph
4. PCR
5. CO2 Incubator
6. -86 Degree Ultralow Freezer
7. Western Blot
8. -20 Degree Freezer

The Multi-Mode Reader can be prebooked.
Guidelines for booking
1. Prior booking is required in order to avail the above facilities
2. You will have to bring a CD or DVD for copying your results. Your results will not be saved on our desktop
3. Any requests to utilise the apparatus without prior permission will not be entertained
4. While using the apparatus, you will have to conform to the instructions given by the Scholar(s)
5. Availability of Time Slots on Sundays is purely subject to the availability of the Scholars. Mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call VBL at 3682 to book a slot on Sunday, if available
6. Bookings done on University Holidays will be accepted subject to the availability of the Scholars
7. You can book your time slots by clicking Resources -> Booking menu